If I had a school, I would like to create a website that can

  • Present my school
  • Locate where the school is and show what is around
  • Reassure parents that their children are safe and in good hands
  • Show the students that it is an establishment that moves and where there are a lot of activities

Basically, I would like to present the school as an establishment

  • Safe
  • Serious
  • And where it’s nice to spend time there

One can also contact with any web design company for the development of his School Website.

But a school’s website should also be useful for education. Due to this issue, I would like to add 3 private sections with password:

  • A portal reserved by teachers
  • A portal reserved for students
  • A portal reserved for parents


In this private area accessible by password, I would like teachers to be able to have access to:

  • The list of classes they manage
  • The list of their students
  • The list of their courses
  • Homework area
  • A list of statistics

The list of classes they manage

In this section, I would like teachers to have access to

  • Their real-time schedule (kind of like an assistant saying how soon is the next court, at what time and in which room)

The list of their students

In this section I would like to have the list of students and where a teacher could see

  • The contact details of a student to be able to contact him or her parents (phone, email)

List of courses

According to my point of view it is better for a professor to manage these lessons via a website that would be attached to his professor’s space. This website would present as well.

  • The lesson plan (everything the teacher will present throughout the year)
  • The outline of each lesson (possibly with additional notes, exercises, and a comment space where students can ask questions to clarify a subject)

Homework area

In the digital age or almost everyone on a computer, tablet or mobile, I find it absurd that homework has to be on a sheet! For this reason, I would like a space where teachers could:

  • File the statement of duty that would be accessible only on defined dates
  • Receive students’ homework directly through their personal space
  • Correct homework and assign grades directly through this space

A list of statistics

For me, statistics greatly help to have a global vision and especially to improve. Therefore, I think that an area which offers several statistics would be very interesting. For example, teachers could find it.

  • The number of student absences (for the class, for one student and on average)
  • The class average (with detailed grades for each student)
  • The areas where students have the best (and especially the worst) grades
  • Compare student progress throughout the year
  • Compare the evolution of several classes among themselves


The pupils would naturally have sections similar to those of the teachers. If a teacher adds information, the students must see it. 🙂

For this, students would have access to

  • their schedule
  • the list of teachers
  • the list of courses
  • homework space
  • statistics (you could call it, the dashboard holds)

The timetable

As for the teacher, the students would have access to an intelligent schedule. An assistant would tell them:

  • What is the next class
  • In which room
  • The plan to get to this course

The student could also interact with a teacher via his schedule. He could for example:

  • Warn that he would be late
  • Mail it to the teacher to ask him a question

The list of teachers

This zone would allow the student to send an email to a teacher. It could be for

  • Ask for further explanation
  • Ask for help with an exercise
  • Report an absence
  • Etc.

List of courses

The student could see

  • the course program (what he will learn during the year)
  • the summary of each course (a summary, additional notes, exercises, comments for asking questions, etc.)

Homework area

The student will be able to

  • Retrieve the different statements at the time decided by the teacher
  • Send homework to teacher
  • Receive the correction and its grade

The dashboard

He will all see lots of statistics that will show his school career. It could be

  • His presence and absence
  • Its average (general, for each subject, and the mark for each assignment)
  • His position by contributions to other students in his class
  • Its evolution during the year
  • The subjects where he is strongest and where he has difficulties


The parents’ area, also accessible by password, would allow parents to have access to various information:

  • Access their children’s schedule
  • See their school career
  • Communicate with teachers
  • Receive messages specially intended for them

I would not go into detail on what each of these sections contains, as it contains exactly the same information as the sections presented in the sections above.


If I had a school, I would do everything possible to use the internet and new technologies to improve the experience of teachers, students and parents. For that, I would opt for the creation of an Internet site for my school, but which would not be satisfied to present only the establishment. The website should be first and foremost a tool for:

  • Help teachers teach better,
  • Help students learn more easily and more pleasantly while seeing their progress
  • Help parents follow their children, verify their statements and communicate with teachers when needed

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