Develop a website for your business

Develop a website for your business

All companies today have an interest in opening a website, whether it is to sell online or simply to promote their activity and present their product or service offers.

The business owner who wants to open a website will first have to define the type of site he needs and then work on its design, which includes many steps to be carried out. If you want a new design for website than choose our web design and development services.

The different types of websites

When you want to open a website, you must first define the type of website you need. We can mention in particular:

  • The showcase websites , which are intended to present the activity of a company and the services it offers its customers. These sites usually only have a few pages;
  • The catalogs websites , which present the entire catalog of the company on the Internet;
  • The commercial sites or ecommerce , which are genuine online stores. We therefore offer users, in addition to offering their products or services, to buy them;
  • The editorial sites , which are sites where disseminates information (like our site Corner contractors for example).

It is obvious that the design of a showcase site of a few pages will not require the same work as that of a commercial site with several hundred references.

Thus, the cost of creating a website depends on the type of site desired and the corresponding specifications.

Solutions to open a website

To open his website, the business manager has the choice between 3 solutions:

  • Build your entire website yourself;
  • Design part of your website yourself and entrust the other part to a specialized service provider, such as outsourcing the programming of the site, the production of graphics or referencing;
  • Outsource the entire creation of the website to a specialized service provider.

The offer in terms of website creation is enormous and it is advisable to learn carefully before choosing your provider.

You should keep in mind that the professional who creates your website will also take care of its maintenance. Therefore it depends on you to find the right quality / price compromise and to ensure that you can count on the service in the medium and long term.

Essential steps to open a website

  • To open a website, the business owner must proceed in stages to complete his project. Here are the main tasks to perform when you want to open a website:
  • Find a domain name;
  • Find a web host;
  • Write the specifications for the website;
  • Design the website or find a service provider to whom we will entrust the task. The design of the website focusing in particular on graphics, programming;
  • Perform all the legal obligations necessary to open a website ( legal notices , if applicable: declaration to the CNIL, general conditions of sale, etc.);
  • Referencing your website on the web.

All of these different steps to opening a website are very important and there is a lot to say about each of them.

Of course, it is not enough to design a website,  this tool will require constant animation and updating work in order to be effective and become a successful prospecting or sales tool.

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